Cycle Star Teams

Holowesko | Citadel pb Hincapie Race Team

We are proud to officially support the top ranked UCI America Team going into 2017. As a chosen technical supplier our relationship started out with a win back at the Tour of Alberta, well before we even had a logo. This not only gave us amazing input, but also the freedom to push development of current and future products in an environment void of marketing and advertising pressures. We look forward and are excited to continue providing support to the 12 core riders, the Junior Team and all of the supporting staff (because they certainly ride bikes too).

Sponsorship Opportunities

As lab tested as it is, there still some real-world testing and proving to be done on future products. We are looking for both competitive and non-competitive cyclists to join our team of guinea pigs, and will be making selections based on a few basic criteria :

Mileage per year – and ability to display/share that data publicly or privately

Types of terrain/conditions – whether it’s one extreme, or a mixed bag, we’d just like to know

Years of riding and level of experience – licenses, or major events participated in

Social Media – Not a deal breaker (we’re not that great at it ourselves), but will be more important as we grow and look to reach more people.