About Us

Cycle Star was truly born out of love for cycling, and is the only commercialized product from Star Nanotech, LLC. Focused on research, and primarily government contracted, we are a company founded on discoveries in the unique properties of nano materials, specifically when used in the design of lubricants. Our main laboratory is located on the Centennial Campus, an R&D park at NC State University, with the Cycle Star offices and an additional manufacturing facility currently under construction in Mebane, NC.

Our globally patented method of producing nanoparticles by laser synthesis delivers structures much more precisely, and with greater specificity than current production standards that rely on magnets or chemical processes. Without the use of chemicals, Teflon or wax, our material additives employ a unique combination of super hard nano and softer microparticles to reduce friction and wear on multiple fronts by :

  • Polishing and permanently filling microscopic peaks and gaps on a molecular level, a hypersmooth surface is created that requires less lubricant and stays clean by not allowing dirt to cling in the first place.
  • Mixing in particles designed to act as ball bearings, friction is further reduced.
  • All of the structures working together to produce enough of a charge to repel dirt before surface contact, preventing buildup and wear from foreign contaminants.

The first bicycle-specific mixture was formulated over the summer of 2016, with early tests proving promising enough for the Holowesko | Citadel pb Hincapie Race Team to choose Cycle Star as a technical supplier before it even had a name.



Meet Dr. Narayan


Professor Jagdish (Jay) Narayan 

President Inventor  Founding Member

“There are innovators who move societies forward, and Dr. Jagdish (Jay) Narayan is one of them. As visionaries led beyond the agricultural, industrial and information ages, he leads into the age of nanotechnology. As the John Fan Family Distinguished Chair Professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering at N.C. State University, he continues research on infinitely small nano-materials. These will yield more efficient use of energy, more flexible metals and stronger ceramic materials. Narayan discovered how to manipulate atoms and control Mother Nature, so that molecules are directed to perform as desired. This groundbreaking research led to the LED light bulb, and his work was cited by 2014 Nobel Prize winners for physics who created blue light. His work makes semiconductors smarter. Narayan foresees automobile engines that could get 100 miles per gallon and new materials for the exploration of space. He is heralded for seminal contributions by his peers worldwide, and is recipient of three most prestigious awards, including the Robert Franklin Mehl Award, the Acta Materialia Gold Medal and Prize and the ASM Gold Medal. He is one of only five scientists alive to receive this triple crown. He holds more than 40 patents, has published over 500 scientific papers, edited nine books and has mentored more than 100 Ph.D. and postdoctoral students. Through his research and teaching, he brings us tomorrow today.”

– N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

                                            Professor Jagdish (Jay) Narayan Bio                                                                   President Inventor  Founding Member

Professor Jagdish (Jay) Narayan holds The John C. C. Fan Family Distinguished Chair* in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and is Director of NSF Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures at North Carolina State University .

He received his master’s (1970) and doctorate (1971) degrees in materials science and engineering, in a record time, from the University of California, Berkeley, after his Bachelor’s degree (Distinction and Highest Honors) in 1969 form IIT , Kanpur, India. He worked briefly (1971-72) as Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the University of California , Berkeley , before joining Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1972.He worked as Senior Scientist and headed Thin Film and Electron Microscopy research group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

He joined North Carolina State University in 1984 as Senior Professor and Director of Microelectronics Center of North Carolina. In 1990, he was appointed by National Science Foundation, the Director of Division of Materials Research (1990-92), where he received NSF Distinguished Service Award for his exceptional leadership in materials research. Professor Narayan has published more than 1,000 scientific papers, edited nine books and obtained more than 34 patents.

He is internationally known for his contributions in thin film epitaxy, defects and interfaces, nanostructured materials, laser processing, semiconductor doping and novel materials, which led to three IR-100 Awards from Industrial Research Magazine (now R&D Magazine) for new materials and technologies.

He has received Fellowship honors from nine prestigious professional societies: National Academy of Inventors, American Physical Society, AAAS, ASM-International, TMS, MRS-I, National Academy of Sciences, Inaugural MRS Fellow, and Bohmische Physikalische Gesellschaft, 1999 ASM Gold Medal, 2004 Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecture and Campbell Prize.

He has delivered over 200 Invited lectures and graduated over 57 PhDs who are employed in leading universities, national labs and industry.

Key Honors and Awards

(Ret.) Major General David Eichhorn

Founding Member • Advisor

David J. Eichhorn was the Commander, Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. General Eichhorn reported directly to the Air Force Chief of Staff regarding the test and evaluation of more than 76 major programs valued at more than $650 billion being assessed at 12 different locations. He directed the activities of more than 625 civilian and military people, as well as 225 contractors. As a member of the test and evaluation community, General Eichhorn coordinated directly with the offices of the Secretary of Defense and Headquarters U.S. Air Force while executing realistic, objective and impartial operational testing and evaluation of Air Force, coalition and joint warfighting capabilities.

Previous posts include former Commander at Edwards AFB, Commander at Hollman AFB, Commander at Wright-Patterson AFB, Commander at Eglin, AFB, Commander at Arnold AFB, Director of Air Space and Information Operations, HQ. AFMC., Vice Commander, ESC, Hansom AFB.

General Eichhorn entered the Air Force as a distinguished graduate through the Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1976. In earlier assignments he served as an experimental test pilot, and his commands include two flight test squadrons, a test group, a test wing, the Arnold Engineering Development Center and the Air Force Flight Test Center. A certified acquisition professional, he served at the Electronic Systems Center as the Vice Commander, where he was previously assigned as Director of Advanced Command, Control and Communications Systems as well as Director of Advanced Aircraft Systems. He has also served as Director of the Aeronautical Enterprise Program Office and Deputy Program Executive Officer for Aircraft at the Aeronautical Systems Center. At Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command he was Deputy Director of Plans and Programs, and Director of Air, Space and Information Operations.

Dr. Justin Schwartz

Founding Member

Justin Schwartz joined NCSU Department of Materials Science and Engineering as Department Head and Kobe Steel Distinguished Professor in 2009. Prior to joining NCSU, he was the Jack E. Crow Professor of Engineering at the Florida State University. His group’s primary research interests are in the underlying science that drives performance of advanced oxide materials, including mechanical and functional failure, manufacturing, processing, packaging and system integration. His research group is cross-disciplinary, integrating physics and chemistry of novel materials with mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, and systems issues, bridging the underlying nanoscopic phenomena to macroscopic behaviors.

Aaron Frahm

Founding Member • CEO

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Aaron has successfully created many start-up companies that he continues to own. They vary in a wide variety of industries, ranging from several e-commerce businesses, online market places and a domestic embellishing company, to cycling components, and both commercial and residential real estate. Aaron was also a world class cyclist for many years and competed professionally as a US National Team and World’s Team athlete. He is a founding member of the Q-Carbon team, a NC State University spin-off focused upon the  commercialization of Professor Narayan’s recent discovery of a new phase of carbon known as Q-Carbon. He is honored to be part of such a great team and is excited about bringing such a truly revolutionary industry-changing technology to market.

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Jonathan Crawford

Cycle Star Director

Jonathan Crawford is the director of the Star Nanotech brand, Cycle Star, and brings 20+ years of cycling industry and riding experience to the table which started as early as High School, where he worked as technical rep and product developer for Bike Nashbar and later Performance Bike. Along the way he has wrenched in shops, helped co-create a shop in Topanga, CA and even dabbled as an outside rep for Chumba Racing. Jonathan is a current business owner, licensed massage therapist, and Master Bicycle Mechanic (UBI) who regularly puts 10K+ miles/year in the saddle.